About the Montana Solar Community Project

The Montana Solar Community Project (MSCP) is a partnership led by the Montana Energy Office, part of the state’s Department of Environmental Quality, to expand Montana communities’ access to solar energy solutions. MSCP seeks to facilitate the development of community-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects through providing technical, planning, and financial resources to help communities develop projects.


The Montana Solar Community Project has commissioned a Solar Market Assessment and an interactive map showing solar resource potential in and around 25 cities and reservations across the state. Check back here for more reports and helpful guides as the project progresses.  

Upcoming:    June 2018 Solar Summit. Location and date TBD. 
Recent:       October 18, 2017. Polson, MSCP Community Outreach Meeting

     October 17, 2017. Bozeman, MSCP Community Outreach Meeting